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O Christmas Tree

We had a great day wandering around the Evergreens. Finding the just right tree was a lot of fun for all three of us. This Christmas season is so much fun; following and creating traditions makes this time of year … Continue reading

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Two years

Our son is now 2!  As much as we told him how amazing and wonderful he is, and that we’re so glad to be his parents, he mostly wanted cake.  Birthday.  Cake.  Please. So, after a day of sweet moments, … Continue reading

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Fueled by chocolate

Tonight, I: am doing my best to make a couple of these. listening to this station on Pandora, and singing along to (mostly) every song! am glad I took the kids (babysat Eddy and Rae today) to McDonalds.  Gross, but … Continue reading

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This afternoon

While Owen napped today, I paused to snap a few photos around the house… Our little pumpkin zone.  I have the pleasure of putting the tops back on those orange baskets at least 48 times a day.  When I’m not … Continue reading

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Sewing recently

Remember when I used to make stuff and then blog about it?  That was fun.  There haven’t been any crafty posts in a while–but happily it’s not for lack of projects.  Here are a few things I sewed up this … Continue reading

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Rainy Day

The second day of October rained and rained and rained. Then it stopped. We slipped on rainboots and headed out in search of puddles.

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I’ve been burning cones of sandalwood incense this week, attempting to recreate the smoky campfire smell we grew so accustomed to last weekend. Our little family of 3 joined two more families for a beautiful fall trip to Raystown Lake … Continue reading

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When Owen first began talking, I kept a running list to document his first vocabulary. That collection of words is just precious to me, the way he communicated his world. He is able to put a few words together now, … Continue reading

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Life lately

Well, again my best blogging intentions have not actually resulted in any posts.  Not really sure what to do with  all kinds right now, I suppose.  It seems like blogging is on my project list–that is, a list I am … Continue reading

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Home and family life:: Owen’s first haircut

Home and family life:: features details from my daily life.  probably pretty heavy on Owen, too!   On Saturday afternoon, Kevin and I treated our adorable shaggy headed boy to a few surprises.  We told him he was getting a … Continue reading

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