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I owe you February

Let’s see what us Ackerts were up to in the shortest (and coldest) month of 2013: We began turning a dirt pile (and a dream) into a reality…Kevin’s getting a garage. Welcomed my parents for a visit…then said goodbye.  I … Continue reading

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When it’s the middle of summer, everyone around me seems to be exclaiming just how incredibly, stifling hot it is.  Or, when dark clouds continue to fill the sky and people are huffing and puffing about all this rain, I … Continue reading

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Skylar’s adventure with our trash: A lesson learned

When emptying the kitchen trashcan, I must always, always take the bag immediately all the way to the garbage bin. I should not, ever, put the bag on the back porch with the intent to “do so later.” Because, “later,” … Continue reading

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Around here

our house has been open since the beginning of summer. We’ve enjoyed the company of friends and family, spending hot days in the sunshine and cooling off in the evenings on the screen porch. Skylar has shared her dog bed … Continue reading

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Summer lovin’

It’s here–the time of year I love from my head to my toes, where the sights and smells bring back memories spanning almost 30 years, each day seems to bring amazing possibilities and a chance to do it all!  So … Continue reading

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For example, taking 114 fourth graders on a 12-hour field trip…

This blog was started as an outlet for me to talk about and share good things in my life. Well for the past month (and probably up until Memorial Day), my life seems to be gobbled up by school. While … Continue reading

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So, that recent glorious week, the week that kept me and my loved one home and cozy really got me dreaming.  I eagerly settled into the new (albeit temporary) routine, kept up with my cold-weather chores, and began to compare … Continue reading

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My house smells like bad dog

(and we don’t have dessert anymore)

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have caught my attention. I somehow just realized that the very item I dutifully wrap around my neck before venturing out in the cold, has been moonlighting as an outfit-maker! I dress for comfort, and usually sometimes miss trends or … Continue reading

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A thoughtful friend at work gave me a meditation book, Healing After Loss.  One of the passages reads, “When we need these healing times, there is nothing better than a good long walk.  It is amazing how the rhythmic movements … Continue reading

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