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It’s a post!

I found this one in my draft folder:  all I had was the title “Green food coloring in a spray bottle” and these pictures.       It would appear I’m slacking in the blog department.  Gonna try and pick … Continue reading

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Rainy Day

The second day of October rained and rained and rained. Then it stopped. We slipped on rainboots and headed out in search of puddles.

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I’ve been burning cones of sandalwood incense this week, attempting to recreate the smoky campfire smell we grew so accustomed to last weekend. Our little family of 3 joined two more families for a beautiful fall trip to Raystown Lake … Continue reading

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Sorta siblings

Every Tuesday, Owen is lucky to have 2 sweet girls get all sister-y with him. My babysitting days are always filled with laughter, outside time, snacks and play time.  Sometimes they all nap, too!

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On a cold day

My little boy played with new toys near the woodstove and listened to music with his mama. We later ventured outdoors, though and blinked steadily in the icy, glowing day.  23 degrees should come with snow, don’t you think? Returning … Continue reading

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is beautiful. That is all. (photos taken 10/24 by the Shenandoah River along Harpers Ferry by Owen.  kidding, sort of.)

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Not exactly lions, tigers, and bears…

but our fall has been filled with fun animal visitors!  This sweet little fawn wandered over to our yard twice last week!  She seems to share Owen’s love for Kix cereal. Our friends Tim and Dawn own a farm, and … Continue reading

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When it’s the middle of summer, everyone around me seems to be exclaiming just how incredibly, stifling hot it is.  Or, when dark clouds continue to fill the sky and people are huffing and puffing about all this rain, I … Continue reading

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In the past few weeks our little family has adjusted to the warmer temperatures.  We’ve been spending more of our days outdoors, enjoying meals on the porch (easier for my messy mister), strolling around the mountain, and swinging on the … Continue reading

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Perfection–the snowy version

A rush of flurries began on Wednesday afternoon and we enjoyed watching it pile up around our house. By nighttime, the coziness of a winter storm had set in, we were enjoying a homemade pizza, wearing snowman pjs and dancing … Continue reading

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