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a January day

::I found this draft in my posts and am not sure why it never published:: What a beautiful January day it is. I love looking out the windows, at the swirly blue and white sky and the soft circle of … Continue reading

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Defining moments

Reaching inside my locker, exchanging one textbook for another, double-checking the lock, and rushing off to meet my friends in our usual hallway spot, I remember thinking, “this is what it feels like to be in high school.” Punching my … Continue reading

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New self

The first few days of settling in as a family of 3 were filled with moments I’ll never forget, but also exist as a big, beautiful blur in my mind.  The shift from pregnant woman to first time mama happened … Continue reading

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9 months

The days are going fast.  My heart continues to grow along with this sweet babe in my belly.  Kevin continues to be the most patient, caring, happy husband along with managing meals, dog-walking, and to-do listing.  The house continues to … Continue reading

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Looking back

Reflecting.  I tend to do this often, in one form or another.  Embracing  happy memories, realizing answers to questions asked long ago, applying past experiences to present circumstances, or to contemplate “what to do next.” Here I am, excited to … Continue reading

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accomplished.  I seem to (suddenly) feel relief.  Weight off my shoulders, and weight off my mind.  A big sigh. Most of the moments that make up my life are full of happiness, wonder, laughter, love, friendship and amazement.  The other … Continue reading

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Happy Easter, happy spring!

before: during: after: Our Easter celebration lasted all weekend!  We had a wonderful time with everyone who came, and of course, missed family and friends far away.  As spring continues to brighten, and the warmth of renewed hope brings promise … Continue reading

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Write, right?!

Part of my new year outlook is to spend more time writing. I somehow remember that Amanda Soule, author of the fabulous Soulemama blog and The Creative Family, says:: to her, writing is like breathing. I loved this statement, but … Continue reading

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My fashion statement

I’m pretty happy about the $3.99(!) deal I got today. A soft t-shirt that makes me feel good on the inside too. If only my school dress code included cotton bargains, I’d be all set for tomorrow!

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One time my parents were right!

I have been thinking about some advice my mom and dad gave me.  Two years ago, I was teaching a special education self-contained classroom.  Starting off my second year teaching, I was leading a team of 3 other adults, teaching … Continue reading

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