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Hard to choose

Friday afternoon was a nice surprise at school!  One of the room mothers in a class I team-teach threw a little baby shower.  I walked in after lunch and saw pink and blue decorations hanging from the board, and grinning … Continue reading

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Summer lovin’

It’s here–the time of year I love from my head to my toes, where the sights and smells bring back memories spanning almost 30 years, each day seems to bring amazing possibilities and a chance to do it all!  So … Continue reading

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Bob Marley: works everytime.

5 days to go! Summer vacation is almost here.   The kids are excited for the break, that’s for sure, but to celebrate “school’s out” as a teacher, is such a thrill!  I am super excited to spend the next 9.5 … Continue reading

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We survived!

The bus ride went well, the tours were great, and the kids all enjoyed their time away from school.  Thursday was a wonderful day for a field trip–and I’m glad we all had the experience. The VA capital building (turns … Continue reading

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Just at home

You know the families that get to pack up their suitcases, board an airplane, and head on an exotic trip during spring break?  Or the ones that spend a few days off wandering around the nearest city, shopping and dining?  … Continue reading

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February 3

My head is filled up with the possibilities and excitement of today. Winter has again turned our area into a gorgeous blanket of white, and school is closed! I am sure that: -I’m going to drink some coffee (leisurely, and … Continue reading

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Teaching, as a practice, involves talking, showing, guiding, and encouraging. Teaching in a public school system, involves e-mails, paperwork, schedule changes, and restrictions. I love what I do, but I don’t always love my job. Hmmm…is there any coincidence I … Continue reading

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30 days of happiness:: 15

The first day of school is here!  Hopefully, the fourth graders are looking forward to a year filled with exciting learning experiences, memorable friendships, and self-discoveries.  I am going to take it one day at a time, focus on the … Continue reading

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30 days of happiness::2

After an especially inspiring “back to work” presentation, I feel happiness for trying to make the world a better place. My principal showed a slideshow featuring student/teacher footage with Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World” words and music playing. The lyrics, … Continue reading

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Looking back

Reflecting.  I tend to do this often, in one form or another.  Embracing  happy memories, realizing answers to questions asked long ago, applying past experiences to present circumstances, or to contemplate “what to do next.” Here I am, excited to … Continue reading

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