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Off we go!

Owen found a small card shaped like a train this morning in his advent calendar. I told him we were going to take a train ride. today! After a yummy breakfast and some playing, I packed us up and headed … Continue reading

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Rainbow camping

Caitie’s red ride, the orange rocky shoreline, a yellow life vest & light wooden canoe parts, green trees, bright blue waters of Lake Moomaw, and the hazy violet fog over the campsite early in the morning (also referred to as … Continue reading

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Good idea

If you are happily anticipating the birth of your first child by preparing your home for baby, and have started several home improvement projects that take over every space in your little place, after a few days of hard work … Continue reading

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Back from the beach

It’s Tuesday morning. My car is unpacked, clothes are being washed, and the dog is glued to my side. After a full week away from home (and Kevin and Skylar), I returned around midnight last night.  The little one was … Continue reading

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We survived!

The bus ride went well, the tours were great, and the kids all enjoyed their time away from school.  Thursday was a wonderful day for a field trip–and I’m glad we all had the experience. The VA capital building (turns … Continue reading

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Weekend numbers

1,000: approximate number of laughs had by all 2230: our destination/cutest house ever! 24: hours in Cleveland 15: rounds of “Loaded Questions” played Saturday night 12: hours driving 10: approximate beers consumed at the wine bar 4: yummy bagels purchased … Continue reading

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30 days of happiness::5 & 6

Weekend roadtrip, family lunches & chats, birthday celebration, new little friends, time to daydream and tell my dog stuff in the car. I find happiness when I am comfortable with myself. (am super happy to be back home.  i’m looking … Continue reading

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Backstage pass

So the biggest and best part of the NYC trip was seeing friends.  Kevin’s cousin, Brian is a lot of fun to be around.  His energetic, friendly and adventurous spirit atuomatically makes for a good time.  Brian is also cool … Continue reading

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There’s no place like home

Usually around mid-July, Kevin starts singing the very catchy tune: “Vacation…all I ever wanted…” I eagerly join in, and then somehow, we put together a getaway. This year included my very first time in New York City! The hustle and … Continue reading

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Midwest Memorial

Grandpa Miller (Kevin’s maternal grandfather) was laid to rest in peace this past Saturday. We joined his wife, 7 children and their spouses, 28 grandchildren and their spouses, and 30 great-grandchildren in Illinois to celebrate 90 years of life. The … Continue reading

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