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Summer style

Reaching for a freshly washed, sun-dried crispy white top with a lil bit of lace makes me smile. Grabbing comfortable, worn-in brightly colored shorts keeps the smile going. Wearing these outfits repeatedly is part of my summer happiness.

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Morning perfection

Monday morning, after a little sleeping in, lazy, easy breakfast for 2 (adults- although I realize this looks like it’s set for a couple of kids). Yea for a day off!

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The other kind of gardening / A weekend spent in dirt

Since the weather has been so beautiful, I have found myself outside more often than not. This has led to some projects getting crossed off the to-do list. Kevin hauled tons (not the actual amount, but you know, a lot) … Continue reading

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My kind of gardening

Yea! I had some luck growing fabric flowers. They began about one week ago on floor like this Then, I gave them the proper attention necessary to burst into this Of course they received the proper amount of sunlight And … Continue reading

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“What are you going to do today?”

Well world, I will be in my studio, just a craftin’ away! I cut fabric for a few projects yesterday, picked up a few materials for some things I’ve been excited to try to make, and re-wrote my “to-do” list. … Continue reading

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After the shower

Here is a collage of goodies made and arranged for the bridal shower this past Saturday: The very happy bride was excited to share the gathering with family and friends, and I know she’s looking forward to her wedding day … Continue reading

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Dog days of summer, leading to a summer celebration

This means that our house is home to 3 dogs right now. Skylar has the company of Catherine’s Lilly and Susan and Jay’s Hunter. The threesome has started to figure out their dynamic, and some general running around/chasing/barking/playing has occurred … Continue reading

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Food…for thought

Summer days keep my spirits high; I love the (seemingly) endless afternoons and evenings filled with light and warmth. It is a season not to be reckoned with after all, just enjoyed. And, admittedly, I relish the time off. I … Continue reading

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Laugh out loud

After sharing a night of smiles and jokes, I thought it might be a good idea to start a series of things/people that make me ‘laugh out loud’ (I am not a fan of “LOL”, but am a fan of … Continue reading

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Little Nuggets

Doing some photo organization this morning, and I came across this picture taken last month. Allowing one of my (favorite) students to take over the camera for a while, he snapped this picture. It was after all, a good lunch. … Continue reading

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