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to the tune of “Farmer in the Dell”

If your birthday is in October, If your birthday is in October, I’m making a present for you, If your birthday is in October!

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I know, I know

I loved your wedding too! So my friends Erin and Kyle got married this weekend, and it was such a lovely celebration! Being a part of their day was very special, and I treasure the memories made with so many … Continue reading

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One hoppening weekend

To add to the excitement of bringing home a new sewing machine, a little toad met me on the sidewalk! I have loved frogs and the like for years (I was the proud owner of a fire-bellied toad in high … Continue reading

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Sending more birthday love

to my dad. Unfortunately I’m not with him at home this weekend to celebrate (and what a celebration I’ll be missing too…it includes a brother in town, a grandma in town, and a mom-created dessert involving bananas, cream, and pie, … Continue reading

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Super-fantastic-full-of-mistakes kit

It all started with a simple solution: Start using a small notebook to make all my “lists”, and also to record journaling notes/thoughts. Thinking this addresses the little pieces of paper everywhere issue, the where did I put that little … Continue reading

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Got Milk?

We do. Fresh from the farm. In a bottle. And, I am excited about it!

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This spot

was good to me this summer. As I took this picture, I almost grabbed something more to add to the shot. But then I but realized that there were so many things I did out here, I couldn’t pick just … Continue reading

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Popping in

to say hello! The first week of school has been fantastic, lots of laughs and cute stories already. Stories about anything else however, have been few and far between! Planning and prepping for first graders has been fairly consuming. In … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Caitie!

Again my dear friend, I apologize for breaking your camera while celebrating! Enjoy this 1/2 (as you can see, I am not purchasing the lens side!) and don’t forget to open the green package tonight…

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