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Years from now,

as my friends Susan and Jay rock on their front porch, watching their adorable grandchildren chase fireflies around the front yard, I imagine a conversation like this: S: “Honey, this is such a perfect day, having everyone over, and enjoying … Continue reading

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Well, in addition to creating a whole new family room, of course!

The best thing to come out of cleaning and moving the entire contents of our basement:

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Excuse me, I’ve been wrapped up in my teenage life

So, my television recently landed on MTV (which may or may not have to do with the *new* series “The City“). Just as I remember from back in the day, MTV has extra-long breaks. (Ugh, all that waiting to get … Continue reading

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Write, right?!

Part of my new year outlook is to spend more time writing. I somehow remember that Amanda Soule, author of the fabulous Soulemama blog and The Creative Family, says:: to her, writing is like breathing. I loved this statement, but … Continue reading

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My fashion statement

I’m pretty happy about the $3.99(!) deal I got today. A soft t-shirt that makes me feel good on the inside too. If only my school dress code included cotton bargains, I’d be all set for tomorrow!

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For the heros

While there are many shining characteristics among us all, I must admit there are some qualities that I really favor. Compassion, patience, thoughtfulness, sincerity, sense of humor, and generosity are the way to my heart.  I feel very blessed to … Continue reading

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Hello 2009

Most of my 2008 has been accounted for, a proper New Year’s welcome was drunk celebrated, and the post-holiday sales have gotten my attention. Yes, 2009 is in fact here. Finishing up a big project this weekend, I completed October, … Continue reading

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