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30 days of happiness::7

Happiness can come from noticing. Hear that? See that? Yes! Something falling from high above, maybe a small twig.  Or a green acorn…barreling down through clusters of leaves, bouncing off limbs, constantly dropping. Before it reaches the ground, another “plunk” … Continue reading

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30 days of happiness::5 & 6

Weekend roadtrip, family lunches & chats, birthday celebration, new little friends, time to daydream and tell my dog stuff in the car. I find happiness when I am comfortable with myself. (am super happy to be back home.  i’m looking … Continue reading

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30 days of happiness::4

Happiness means friendship. The lovely blue bag–a special handmade gift from a very special friend.  It is particularly perfect for carrying necessary items for a weekend away.  I am thinking that she and I will have to plan a trip … Continue reading

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30 days of happiness::3

Today, it rained. Steamy, pouring rain.  The sky above turned silvery-white and completely opened up.  I watched the big drops pool up and run off the window’s bubble. Slick, bright drops of rain.  The leaves seemed thrilled, very vibrant. Today, … Continue reading

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30 days of happiness::2

After an especially inspiring “back to work” presentation, I feel happiness for trying to make the world a better place. My principal showed a slideshow featuring student/teacher footage with Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World” words and music playing. The lyrics, … Continue reading

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30 days of happiness::1

Reading Erin’s words on her blog, bluebirdbaby, inspire me to make each day fulfilling.  To find small pleasures and enjoy the world around me.  To appreciate the love and friendship connecting me to others. For the next 30 days, I … Continue reading

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Coffee, blogs, plans

Good morning! It’s 7:47 a.m. and the sun is still working its way over the mountain. Looks like today will be warm and beautiful. So far, I’ve drank 1 cup of coffee, started the dishwasher, and made the bed. I … Continue reading

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New series:: healthy obsessions

{loosely defined as: things that bring so much happiness, it’s almost impossible to have enough.} *lists! People, I am a true lover ‘o lists.  Notepad paper and a ball point pen are my preferred medium for list-making, but I am … Continue reading

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Hey August!

Even though you’re hot, sticky, humid and stormy- please slow down. {thank you}

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So, I have a sun inked on my hip. And, I have a green elephant on my left foot.  While you’re looking there, check out the flower on my right foot.  (Note to readers in Charleston, SC:  for a closer … Continue reading

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