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may be a big part of your life if you grew up in a farming family.  If your childhood included haystacks and chores involving buckets.  If your grandparents emphasized the importance of conservation, of sustainability, and efficiency.  If you spent … Continue reading

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Dinner at my house

With Kevin camping in the Adirondack wilderness (more on that later), my family came over to spend some quality time.  My parents picked up my Nana in Richmond, and arrived Friday evening.  Jesse joined us on Saturday for dinner, a … Continue reading

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A thoughtful friend at work gave me a meditation book, Healing After Loss.  One of the passages reads, “When we need these healing times, there is nothing better than a good long walk.  It is amazing how the rhythmic movements … Continue reading

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Heidi and I came to be kindred spirits under special circumstances.  We knew each other through Susan, whom I was lucky enough to meet on the first day of college…during those years I would hear Susan’s tales of friendship and … Continue reading

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Kindred spirits

as we liked to say. Cut from the same cloth, we had been told by others.  Either way, actually any way, we are friends.  But now, you are gone from here.  Heidi, I miss you very much.  The phone call … Continue reading

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30 days of happiness::30!

This journey–this little noticing project was enlightening and fun. Searching for happiness always should be at least that,right?! I feel pretty lucky that it ends with autumn filling my world! There is so much to be happy about: Saturday, starting … Continue reading

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