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Merry making

Hello! Since the Brady Christmas, I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy several Christmases of my own! Kevin, the other Christmas birthday boy, turned 29!  We all wish him the best year yet. Thanks to our neighbors, burning the midnight oil … Continue reading

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From the basement

I am so very happy winter vacation started early! Especially since feeling a bit under the weather this morning, it’s so nice to be home. I am able to remain one with my holiday list while also relaxing and being … Continue reading

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Our neck of the woods

has been covered in snow! The storm started Friday night around 10pm-snowflakes were still falling around 10 last night. During the day, the world transformed into a winter wonderland.

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Write and send cards (still on the list)

Holiday spirits can work magic, can’t they? I am very grateful for the cheer all around me. It seems as though my heart, quite filled up, is overflowing. Love who I wake up to in the morning, work with everyday, … Continue reading

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Handmade {by many}

This little mobile came together at my sister in law’s baby shower.  Everyone who came to celebrate little man Epperson (expected late February 2010) participated in giving him a little piece of the sky.  Kevin prepared the frame: assembled the … Continue reading

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O Christmas tree

Waking up to an early December snow was exciting. We watched the ground catch each white drop, marveling at the growing blanket of snow. Then, we traded in coffee and the woodstove for gloves and winter weather-and went outside. Caught … Continue reading

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Teaching, as a practice, involves talking, showing, guiding, and encouraging. Teaching in a public school system, involves e-mails, paperwork, schedule changes, and restrictions. I love what I do, but I don’t always love my job. Hmmm…is there any coincidence I … Continue reading

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