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Today I…

went to work, grocery shopped, talked on the phone, kissed my husband, and made hard-boiled eggs look pretty. Then I went to bed early!

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There is a season

Today is the last day of summer break. Teacher work days start tomorrow; and then, September 7th, starts a new school year. Not only has the calendar reminded me of this upcoming event, but nature has begun to drop her … Continue reading

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Sewing for me

There has been some crafting going on around here this summer and a lot of it has been for me!  Of course I am planning on making many clothes, toys, nursery things, and blankets for my baby; I’m also participating … Continue reading

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More rainbows

Thanks to many generous gifts and cherished hand-me downs, we are building quite a collection of baby goods!  Kevin and I love the tiny items that have found their way here, to be used and loved by our babe.  We … Continue reading

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Rainbow camping

Caitie’s red ride, the orange rocky shoreline, a yellow life vest & light wooden canoe parts, green trees, bright blue waters of Lake Moomaw, and the hazy violet fog over the campsite early in the morning (also referred to as … Continue reading

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Good idea

If you are happily anticipating the birth of your first child by preparing your home for baby, and have started several home improvement projects that take over every space in your little place, after a few days of hard work … Continue reading

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