A (little) handmade Christmas

Preparing for the holidays this year involved more laptop use than sewing machine use!  Thanks to Etsy, Amazon, and other online shops, many of our gifts this year were purchased.  I tried to support handmade and local businesses as much as possible though.  Owen and I ventured out on a few winter days to shop around town as well.  But of course, for me, making is what the holidays are all about.  Thinking of the special someone, dreaming of a just-for-them project, and then busily creating their present.

Now that we’ve celebrated with our friends and family, I’ll share the handmade goodies:

Owen Ornament 2010

These little keepsakes were so much fun to make, starting with tracing my newborn’s tiny hands!  This project was inspired by a similar design I saw while clicking away one day.  The two sets of grandparents and my grandma all got one.  We hung one on our tree too.

Family Stockings

An obvious need for this year, completed on Christmas Eve!

Felt Trees

Another idea I saw while checking out craft blogs, etc.  Caitie got the colorful ones, loosely referred to as “rainbow forest” and I gave the green ones to Owen.

Molly’s Panda Pillow

Our niece who is 8 years old, always seems to love handmade presents.  Her mom told me that she’s been planning to repaint Molly’s room in lime green.  Also, this girl adores panda bears. a lot.  I added a little flannel panda applique on one patch (and later wished I had outlined it in black, not white).

Julian’s Bed Pocket Organizer

Molly’s big brother, Julian, is an avid reader and collector.  I used a tutorial in one of my craft books and created this organizer to house some of his late night faves.

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