Merry baking!  This weekend we found ourselves in the kitchen, pulling down ingredients, warming up the oven, passing the baby back and forth, and whipping up some holiday treats.

The delicious smells of sugary goodness combined with the pretty tins filled up with cookies was made even sweeter with holiday tunes playing, a  huge twinkling tree, and snow on the ground.

The magic of Christmas has touched me in a new way this year…sharing traditions and celebrating the season with Owen will always be the best gift of all!  How blessed we are to have him.

(oatmeal, chocolate chip & pecan cookies, gingersnaps, and peanut butter kisses.  Kevin’s sister Julie shared her glass press cookie recipe too.)

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  1. Cait says:

    Mmmmmm cookiessss. I love the shot of the tree behind the mixer! I know little coo-y Owen is loving his first Christmas season :) Hope today’s outing was successful! Love.

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