A whole new year

Maybe you also feel like 2011 seemed short, or perhaps those 12 months were enough for you.  Funny how time passes, I guess.  Besides, January 1st, 2012 is here (and almost finished)!

January-December 2011

The end of December was full of sweetness, warmth, excitement, and togetherness.  Just the perfect holiday.  Owen’s grins, head shakes, pointing, and babbling made this Christmas even more fun.  We saw all of our family (thanks Skype), some of our friends (but missed several others), and spent lots of the vacation week at home.

I want to share a year-long project on the blog.  I first came across One Little Word 2 years ago.  The idea, and certainly the list of words, has intrigued me ever since.  On the 30th, I though and thought of how I could determine a direction, a retreat, a feeling, a…word.  And, all of that thinking worked!


Yes, I will set forth with belief, understanding, patience, honesty, and an open mind.  2012 will be full of goodness, for sure.  I’ll be posting about my experience with the class, and my one little word.

Happy New Year!


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2 Responses to A whole new year

  1. mom says:

    What a wonderful year indeed! Love the selection of pictures; each one captures such a special moment in time. Blessings of health, happiness and love in 2012 to you all. XXOO

  2. Catherine says:

    Your collage of pictures from 2011 really show how that sweet baby boy has grown! What a year, I hope 2012 proves to be an even happier, more exciting year for the Ackert Family! You all deserve it!

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