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we are getting rid of a nasty cold/cough. My little boy has never been so sick; I would love to make him feel all better!

The first night he awoke with a bad cough, we bundled him up and took him outside to breath the cold, moist air. He was half-awake, half-asleep, but smiled and pointed to his swing. It was so sweet to see his red-nosed face go back and forth in the dark, moon lit night. But, oh, the worry I felt was hard to take. Hopefully the yuckiest part is over, and now we can play and just wipe noses all day!

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3 Responses to Over here

  1. Carrie Drake says:

    The yucky stuff is going around. We’ve been dealing with it too. Wilson also has those monster jammies. Hope you guys get to feeling better soon.

  2. mom says:

    Hope Owen will be feeling much better today! I do love that sweet smiling face. hugs and kisses to all.

  3. Susan says:

    Hope the little man is feeling better!! Love the monster jammies and his sweet sleeping self…oh my goodness, he’s adorable even when sick… Sending our love your way!

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