I’ve been burning cones of sandalwood incense this week, attempting to recreate the smoky campfire smell we grew so accustomed to last weekend.

Our little family of 3 joined two more families for a beautiful fall trip to Raystown Lake in Pennsylvania.

Living fully outdoors for a few days was exhilarating; we bundled up in layers at night, but played in the water during the day.  We really didn’t know what time it was, but followed the light.  We had each other, everything else was more than we needed!

This was an easy trip for Kevin, for he’s about to paddle and port over 92 miles of lakes and river in Maine.

I’m happy for him to get out and can’t wait to see his smile upon returning!  While he’s away, Owen and I have a few plans of our own, too.


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2 Responses to Camp

  1. Krista says:

    That is gorgeous! Nick and the kids went there. What a great spot, how cozy!!

  2. mom says:

    Owen’s smile on his face peeking out of the tent is adorable!! All of you look like such happy campers; so glad it was a fun adventure.

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