Fueled by chocolate

Tonight, I:

am doing my best to make a couple of these.

listening to this station on Pandora, and singing along to (mostly) every song!

am glad I took the kids (babysat Eddy and Rae today) to McDonalds.  Gross, but a fun treat.  We recreated the restaurant with play-doh later.  (Fact: I can fold a french fry cup in a hot second with some construction paper and tape.)

making lists: Christmas projects, gifts, meal ideas, cleaning charts, weekly activities, and so on.  Getting back into lists after a sudden break.  My mind did not prove superior to the lists.

don’t have my hair pulled into a ponytail knot, thanks to a new (and overdue) haircut.

thanked my husband for making dinner!

keep getting sidetracked in my thoughts.  How is it possible this tiny, sweet, wild & free little boy is turning 2 years old?  Time tells me it must be shorter–for these days pass so quickly.  Time lies, of course, because I feel in my soul that I’ve known him always.  Well, in any case, I am constantly flooded with love, delight, and amazement thanks to my son.


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One Response to Fueled by chocolate

  1. mom says:

    If you are fueled by chocolate to do all those things listed above, then maybe I should try some chocolate!! Those knomes are adorable, but the picture of you and Owen is beyond adorable.

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