Off we go!

Owen found a small card shaped like a train this morning in his advent calendar. I told him we were going to take a train ride. today!

After a yummy breakfast and some playing, I packed us up and headed down to the little station in Harpers Ferry.  Although we’ve lived here for over 8 years, I’ve yet to climb aboard and head to Washington, D.C.  Sharing the experience with my two year old made it quite an adventure!

Riding Amtrak straight into downtown took about 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Our (2 level–very impressive to toddlers and this mama) coach was not empty, but certainly not crowded or loud.  We had plenty of room to stretch out, explore, eat lunch, and play.

Union Station is a busy place, and we quickly found ourselves surrounded by people, golf carts, huge wheeled carts, and tracks.  Owen was wide-eyed and quiet as he walked alongside me towards the station entrance.  I was so proud of him, and in that moment, found myself tearing up.  Full of happiness, gratefulness, and so much love–I am beyond blessed to be this little boy’s mama.

He helped me buy my metro card (kids are free until 5 FYI) and was solely responsible for getting us through the turnstiles.  He laughed really loud when he almost knocked me down while holding onto a pole on a full metro car.  

Obviously a pro at public transportation, Owen was now ready for some toddler-sized fun.  My sister-in-law Diana, and her adorable 15 month old son, Alden live nearby, and were able to meet us at the National Building Museum.  We took the boys to the building zone and had a great afternoon.

When we left the museum, Diana led us through a holiday market in Chinatown, past a table selling doughnuts (Owen brought us back to that one), and into a good ‘ol Starbucks to wind down with holiday cheer.

                                       creating personal doughnut perfection is tricky…focus is key

As they say, all good things must come to an end.  For us, that meant commuting back home with half the city on the MARC train.  No pictures from that leg of the journey, but luckily no battle scars either.  Home again, home again.



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3 Responses to Off we go!

  1. mom says:

    What an exciting time it must have been for you and Owen. Perhaps grandpa and I will try it in Feb. during our stay!!

  2. Diana says:

    Owen is the cutest little commuter. He’s lucky to have you for a momma too! I’ll always remember this day of fun and adventure.

  3. Quite useful, look frontward to coming back.|

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