Celebrating the month of December with a 2 year old was so. much. fun! Owen was curious about all things Christmas, and both Kevin and I really enjoyed sharing stories, traditions, songs, and preparations with him.

cookies with daddy

working on our cards

making salt dough ornaments

singing Frosty the Snowman

We were able to travel to my parents’ house and celebrate a little early with them and my Grandma.

walking to “Winter Wonderland” with Grandma

A few more nuts at Winter Wonderland

Owen and Nana

Owen received his most absolutely favorite present–a guitar.  His newfound love of music is so precious; I am so proud of his attention, dedication, and aptitude for instruments.  Kevin generously gave him these gifts, I really love watching them jam together.  Lucky for Owen, he has other talented people to play with, too.

the guitar!!

guitar lessons with Grandpa

Returning home, we were treated to a beautiful snowfall on Christmas Eve.  I love the peaceful stillness of our woods in the snow.  Of course, it’s even better with a happy (and loud) toddler!

“snow bites”

Christmas morning started with celebrating Kevin’s birthday in the kitchen, then we headed to the tree!

Happy Birt-day, Daddy!

our tree

After opening and playing with gifts, we cleaned up and headed to Kevin’s parents’ house.  Owen saw 7 of his 9 cousins and we all enjoyed the extra family time.  

cousins with Grandma and Grandpa

Special memories were made, and we’re already looking forward to next year!





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3 Responses to Christmasing

  1. Krista says:

    I love the memories you all are making for that sweet boy!!! Happy New Year to our dear friends!! Hugs!

  2. mom says:

    What a memorable Christmas for us! We enjoyed Owen’s carols and guitar strumming. Thank you for sharing your beautiful child with us for a wonderful holiday. Looking forward to many more special memories. love and hugs!

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