Merry Pinterest

Like so many others, I have a love affair with Pinterest.  As much fun as it is to click “pin it,” I get even more satisfaction from actually making or doing the idea.  Here are a few pins from this Christmas:

Penguin Feet

Rae’s, Owen’s, and Eddy’s

Box of Sunshine

my only picture of this gift

Fabric wrapped hangers

and, another cute pair of quick change trousers

Rainbow Pants 

“napping” in them

Zippered Pillows


this one flew to China!

Candy cane craft

Owen loved it, but interest dwindled quick!

Christmas Tree sun catcher 

he helped me tape it to the window…probably staying on until February!

Twig stars

I made several, and hung a banner over our nativity

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One Response to Merry Pinterest

  1. mom says:

    The creative juices certainly flow freely at your home. So many opportunities for fun through pinterest! I look forward to seeing your newest crafts and Owen’s as well. Keep creating and enjoying the moments.

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