I owe you February

Let’s see what us Ackerts were up to in the shortest (and coldest) month of 2013:

We began turning a dirt pile (and a dream) into a reality…Kevin’s getting a garage.

Welcomed my parents for a visit…then said goodbye.  I left my baby overnight for the first time and took a little getaway with my husband.

Skiing on the (blue or green, but never black) slopes of Snowshoe, WV.

While missing his beloved mama living up the best 3 days of his life, Owen filled his time with kisses, treats, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and the opportunity to ride every ride on toy ever.




Went coatless for a picnic by the river.  Well, actually Skylar is wearing her coat.  A mighty fine one at that, wouldn’t you say?  Proud, howly, food hound that she is.

Thought about spring cleaning.  Even picked some accessories. But, so far it has not meant to be.

Celebrated Valentine’s Day with walls and a balloon.  And chocolate, not pictured because, well, it doesn’t last long around me.

Attended Nana’s toddler workout.

Checked out the National Children’s Museum with cousin Alden and his mama sidekick, Diana.  To drive more things.  Always, always drive. more. things.


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4 Responses to I owe you February

  1. mom says:

    A fun packed February for all the Ackerts. So many cute pictures of Owen doing what he loves best, driving!! He is a hoot too. love to all.

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