Waking up to rainy day #2, I decided we should go on an adventure.  I started packing bag(s) and guzzling coffee.  Owen has settled into a fairly consistent wake up time(for now), and I am usually up about 1 hour before him.  This little shift in my day has really made a positive difference.  I feel more, “good morning, sweet child, mama is here to greet you” than “hey. buddy. wanna rock in the rocking chair?”

So, our rainy day adventure.

We visited The Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum in downtown Winchester, VA and had a great time.


With only a handful of visitors, every exhibit and activity was open and available for exploring.  I followed my excited little boy around, checking it all out.  He constantly amazes me; raising a child is the most precious, humbling experience and I delight in sharing new things with Owen.  


Although Owen tends to be a homebody like both of his parents, there are some days when adventure calls!  When he woke up the next day, he hollered out from his room, “Mama, can we get up and outta heeeeere?”  On to the next one!

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