O Christmas Tree

We had a great day wandering around the Evergreens. Finding the just right tree was a lot of fun for all three of us.

This Christmas season is so much fun; following and creating traditions makes this time of year so special.

My camera (I think that’s my camera) has a feature called “Movie Digest” that I recently discovered.  I haven’t read anything about it, but as far as I can tell, while you take your picture, it records a 5 second clip.  These clips are compiled into one longer video until the feature is turned off.  Although I haven’t exactly figured out the timing of the recording, I LOVE how each of these videos turns out.  Makes the still pictures even cuter, by turning them into a moving memory.  Here’s our day at Moose Apple Christmas Tree Farm. 

Untitled a video by joy0626 on Flickr.

Video snapshots

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Two years

Our son is now 2!  As much as we told him how amazing and wonderful he is, and that we’re so glad to be his parents, he mostly wanted cake.  Birthday.  Cake.  Please.

So, after a day of sweet moments, we had a little family party.  

Owen sang “Happy Birthday” along with us, bobbing his head, tapping his feet, and grinning a big smile.  He told me, “too many kisses, mama” but also “love you too.”

At 2, Owen loves being home, outside, in the car (real and pretend), the library, with the girls, shopping, music class and visiting friends.

His favorite/most frequently played list includes the beloved cozy coupe, keys, Mickey Mouse, his blankie, trains, making music, reading books and retelling stories.

He is constant sunshine, energy, and happiness.  Our sweet little boy just rolls with whatever comes his way, and takes in as much as he can.

“Today was good.  Today was fun.  Tomorrow is another one.” -Dr. Suess

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Fueled by chocolate

Tonight, I:

am doing my best to make a couple of these.

listening to this station on Pandora, and singing along to (mostly) every song!

am glad I took the kids (babysat Eddy and Rae today) to McDonalds.  Gross, but a fun treat.  We recreated the restaurant with play-doh later.  (Fact: I can fold a french fry cup in a hot second with some construction paper and tape.)

making lists: Christmas projects, gifts, meal ideas, cleaning charts, weekly activities, and so on.  Getting back into lists after a sudden break.  My mind did not prove superior to the lists.

don’t have my hair pulled into a ponytail knot, thanks to a new (and overdue) haircut.

thanked my husband for making dinner!

keep getting sidetracked in my thoughts.  How is it possible this tiny, sweet, wild & free little boy is turning 2 years old?  Time tells me it must be shorter–for these days pass so quickly.  Time lies, of course, because I feel in my soul that I’ve known him always.  Well, in any case, I am constantly flooded with love, delight, and amazement thanks to my son.


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This afternoon

While Owen napped today, I paused to snap a few photos around the house…

Our little pumpkin zone.  I have the pleasure of putting the tops back on those orange baskets at least 48 times a day.  When I’m not hunting for random sets of keys.

The kitchen-clean enough for me.

Precious little 5.5 W shoes waiting to hit the ground again!

The only picture of our bathroom that I’ll ever share.

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Sewing recently

Remember when I used to make stuff and then blog about it?  That was fun.  There haven’t been any crafty posts in a while–but happily it’s not for lack of projects.  Here are a few things I sewed up this summer:

The “lion bag.”  I followed the child’s bag pattern from this book and found it to be super easy and really functional!  However, I made it while Owen was sleeping and didn’t take his height into account–so the strap has since been shortened!  He does seem to dig having a bag to carry around his random treasures, so of course I want to make him like 50 more.

A quick pillow for the den.  Usually pulled from its spot on the chair, drug into the playroom, and told, “Mickey sit.”

The Taxi Tote from Seams to Me, one of my favorite sewing books.  Truthfully, I had made this bag for my mom over two years ago, but the binding had come loose in a few places.  She entrusted my advanced sewing skills (HA) and asked me to fix it.  So, new orange trim and a fancy new button too.

Soon I’ll be posting from the new and improved playroom–where I share a fun filled creative space with Owen. (and Kevin when he’s feeling crafty.  and Skylar when she follows us around.  which is always.)  It’s been a project in itself since last year really, but I am feeling like it’s almost there and will share soon!

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Rainy Day

The second day of October rained and rained and rained. Then it stopped.

We slipped on rainboots and headed out in search of puddles.

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I’ve been burning cones of sandalwood incense this week, attempting to recreate the smoky campfire smell we grew so accustomed to last weekend.

Our little family of 3 joined two more families for a beautiful fall trip to Raystown Lake in Pennsylvania.

Living fully outdoors for a few days was exhilarating; we bundled up in layers at night, but played in the water during the day.  We really didn’t know what time it was, but followed the light.  We had each other, everything else was more than we needed!

This was an easy trip for Kevin, for he’s about to paddle and port over 92 miles of lakes and river in Maine.

I’m happy for him to get out and can’t wait to see his smile upon returning!  While he’s away, Owen and I have a few plans of our own, too.


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When Owen first began talking, I kept a running list to document his first vocabulary. That collection of words is just precious to me, the way he communicated his world. He is able to put a few words together now, and we have tiny conversations.

But something I recently realized is that many of his words should be taken as warnings. Like, the very second he is moving his lips, his body is in motion, ready for the follow through. This includes:
-move, also, move over
-open, also, open it
-new one (my interpretation of this is a “new trick” he is trying out)

I love having my ears and eyes all over this sweet, wild, and growing child.

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Life lately

Well, again my best blogging intentions have not actually resulted in any posts.  Not really sure what to do with  all kinds right now, I suppose.  It seems like blogging is on my project list–that is, a list I am constantly adding to, but rarely crossing off!

Anyway, how about a photo dump from August?

There were some special get togethers,

farms and farmers’ markets,

and pool days.


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Home and family life:: Owen’s first haircut

Home and family life:: features details from my daily life.  probably pretty heavy on Owen, too!  

On Saturday afternoon, Kevin and I treated our adorable shaggy headed boy to a few surprises.  We told him he was getting a haircut and it would be fun.

While Kevin sprayed water, Owen and I discovered a Busytown cartoon.  We’ve been reading Richard Scary books recently, and the rarely viewed laptop was very exciting.  For about 5 minutes.  So then, I suggested a lollipop while waiting for Dad to finish cutting the back of his hair.

That sounded great, Owen (basically) said.  He was a little concerned as the hair began to pile up all around him, but we reassured him that this was indeed what a haircut was all about.

Dad the barber did a great job. Although not pictured is Kevin following Owen around all evening with a pair of scissors in his hand.  I was proud of them both, and really wasn’t sad to say goodbye to his babylocks.  I love watching him grow and experience new things, so this was another sweet moment to savor.

20 months old, and his first haircut, my sunshine boy.


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