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Sorta siblings

Every Tuesday, Owen is lucky to have 2 sweet girls get all sister-y with him. My babysitting days are always filled with laughter, outside time, snacks and play time.  Sometimes they all nap, too!

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Owen is 1!

Over the weekend, our family and friends joined us in honor of Owen’s first birthday celebration.  We decided to rent The Old Stone School and create a party to fit our happy, nature-loving, sweet boy. Inside the old auditorium, my … Continue reading

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The Buzz

Owen celebrated his first Halloween tonight.  He happily wore his warm & fluffy bumblebee jacket for the festivities! But before we ventured out to trick or treat (and give almost one year olds dum dum lollipops), we carved pumpkins. Owen … Continue reading

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Not exactly lions, tigers, and bears…

but our fall has been filled with fun animal visitors!  This sweet little fawn wandered over to our yard twice last week!  She seems to share Owen’s love for Kix cereal. Our friends Tim and Dawn own a farm, and … Continue reading

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Defining moments

Reaching inside my locker, exchanging one textbook for another, double-checking the lock, and rushing off to meet my friends in our usual hallway spot, I remember thinking, “this is what it feels like to be in high school.” Punching my … Continue reading

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September 7, 2011

So much has happened in our little guy’s life since August 7th.  He attended a few parties… got a new set of wheels… grew lots of hair… and got really serious about crawling.  (He was seriously not into that bandana … Continue reading

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Books x 2

Still making my monthly goal of reading at least 3 books (not however, meeting any kind of posting goal)!  May’s books, in alphabetical order this time: Bossypants by Tina Fey is very funny!  I listened to the CDs over 2 … Continue reading

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In the past few weeks our little family has adjusted to the warmer temperatures.  We’ve been spending more of our days outdoors, enjoying meals on the porch (easier for my messy mister), strolling around the mountain, and swinging on the … Continue reading

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March 4th

04- A picture of your favorite night November 7, 2010

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March 2nd

02-A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest My mama!  Besides knowing (well, to be fair, giving) me my entire life, she has always given unconditional love and support.  I have really early memories … Continue reading

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